Emergency Fire and Rescue

Our emergency fire and rescue products ensure protection in the most extreme conditions. We offer Thermal imaging devices as well as helmets with a wide range of attachments and accessories to ensure that you are well equipped for the job.

MSA Evolution 6000 Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Evolution 6000 TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) offers many of the same benefits that firefighters have come to expect from MSA, as well as new ones to take user experience to another level. The Evolution 6000 TIC platform comprises three new models to offer the best mix of features designed to meet the USA TIC standard NFPA 1801, supporting the thermal imaging needs of all first responders.


MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet


Gallet F1 XF helmet sets the new standard in firefighter head protection with significant innovative enhancements:

  • Sophisticated new design to offer best in class protection, comfort and adjustability
  • Eye and face protection with unique adjustments for enhanced protection, fit and comfort
  • Modularity for reduced cost of ownership and increased flexibility
  • A modern design that is stylish and integrates functionalities in a way never seen before

With the Gallet F1 XF MSA is capitalizing on an outstanding expertise of millions of fire helmets sold and used day by day around the globe. Over 200 firefighters in 25 countries contributed directly with their experience and advice to the development of this new product.

MSA F2 X-TREM Rescue Helmet

High performance helmet for wildland fires and a variety of technical rescue missions like traffic accidents, natural disasters etc:

  • Highly resistant shell to shocks, exposure to elevated temperatures and chemical attack
  • Comfort headband covered with soft leather. Patented ratchet quick adjustment system, even with gloves on
  • 3- point chinstrap for safe fit. Adjustable in 5 steps, with automatic buckles, flexible chincup
  • Height-adjustable headband and net suspension
  • Interfaces for visors, goggles, hearing protectors, communication systems,
    attachment of full face masks and neck curtains

MSA Emergency Fire and Rescue Accessories:

Choose from our range of accessories to combine with your Gallet F1 and F2 X-TREM Helmets. Accessories include, torches, goggles, visors and much more.