Face Protection 

It is important to have the correct face / breathing protection at work RPE is required when:

  • Where an inhalation exposure risk remains after you have put in place other reasonable controls (residual risk);
  • While you are putting in place other control measures (interim measures);
  • For emergency work or temporary failure of controls where other means of control are not reasonably practicable;
  • For short-term or infrequent exposure, such as during maintenance work, where you decide that other controls at the source of the exposure are not reasonably practicable.
AFFINITY 2131 FFP3 NR D (pack/15pcs)

Face Masks

Provide protection against dust and debris, chemicals, gasses, and respiratory droplets. Our masks range from FFP1,2 and 3 levels of protection and are all EN certified.


Visors are ideal protection when working as an electrician or welder as they protect the whole face. Wearing a visor also enables the user to wear perscription glasses underneath it while they work.