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Silenta Ear Defenders

The new Silenta range offer superior hearing protection at affordable prices. Available in a wide range of colours and boasting impressive SNR ratings these earmuffs are an exciting addition to the talking safety product range.

MSA left/RIGHT™ Headband Earmuff

The MSA left/RIGHT™ Ear Muffs have dedicated right and left ear cups that are designed to fit ears of all shapes and sizes which offers increased comfort and protection. The headband’s breakthrough design simulates the head’s curves to provide a comfortable and stable fit, balancing muffs with ear cup angle.

  • Individually designed cups for left and right ear
  • Anatomic cup shape following the contour of the head
  • Limit the sound reproduced by the speakers to a maximum of 82 dB at the ear
  • Low battery consumption (300 hours battery lifetime with 2 AA batteries


  • Easy volume control (2 buttons) even if you wear gloves
  • Automatic shut off function saves battery life
  • A warning signal indicate when around 40 hours of battery life remains
  • 3.5 mm AUX inlet for connecting external audio sources like hunting radios
  • Two microphones provide excellent sound direction location

MSA HPE Headband Earmuff

Providing the highest-rated hearing protection available for low-frequency environments, the MSA HPE Headband Muffs are designed specifically for very high noise levels and is ideal for airfields, power plants and other areas with intense noise. A padded headband and super-soft ear cushions guarantee all-day comfort while ensuring full-time protection.

  • Wide headband with ventilated padding provides a firm and comfortable fit
  • Easily adjustable headband force for individual fit
  • Large space for the ears inside the cup

MSA XLS Headband Earmuff

Excellent noise attenuation and max. space for ears inside.

  • Extra wide headband
  • Two point mounting system
  • Sure-grip headband
  • Unique molded inserts
  • Light-weight only 218 g
  • Spring design offers low-pressure and a high level of comfort
  • Excellent grip makes it easy to adjust the cups, even when wearing gloves

MSA EXC Headband Earmuff

Comfortable for all-day wear with unique injection molded inserts providing excellent attenuation and maximum space for the ears inside the cup. Offers force adjustment for individual fit.

  • Wide and soft padding provides a firm fit
  • Adjustable headband force for individual fit
  • Two-point mounting system ensures pressure is distributed evenly around the cushion