MSA OptimAir® 3000 PAPR

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With three possible configurations, the OptimAir 3000 offers versatility, ergonomic design and state-of-the-art features. The unit features a microprocessor-controlled, variable-speed motor to ensure the user gets an optimal amount of air. The respirator features one-button operation and weighs less than 1.5 kg for convenience and freedom of movement. When used with a hood, the unit’s alarm is sent through the hose and can be heard in loud environments, while the five-level battery indication signals how much life the battery has left. Automatic calibration, long-life battery and shower-proof design makes the unit convenient and practical.

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OptimAir® 3000 PAPR Key features and benefits:

  • Smart, ergonomic design packages motor blower, cartridges and battery on user’s back
  • Microprocessor-controlled, variable-speed motor provides optimal amount of air to user
  • Unit is available in three configurations OptimAir 3000, OptimAir 3000A and OptimAir 3000 EX
  • Standard blower weighs less than 1.5 kg
  • Audible and visual alarms for low flow indication and low battery voltage
  • NiMH battery can operate for more than 8 hours (depending on the configuration)

OptimAir® 3000 PAPR – [ the all-rounder ]

The OptimAir 3000 is our standard version designed for a diverse range of applications. This version delivers 130 l/minute airflow and comes with a NiMH battery, battery charger and comfort belt. A large assortment of full face masks, hoods and visors are available to choose from. Three filters can be used in combination to give you five levels of protection.

OptimAir 3000 A – [ where high airflow is required ]

The OptimAir 3000 A delivers 160 l/minute airflow and is supplied with the OptimAir Mask [Advantage line] plus a decon belt for easy cleaning and decontamination to meet asbestos
removal regulations [check local recommendations]. In addition, it comes with a NiMH battery, battery charger and one pack of ten particle filters. The unit has been designed exclusively for use with particle filters.

OptimAir 3000 EX – [ for potentially explosive environments ]

The OptimAir 3000 EX is fitted with ignition-proof components for use in potentially explosive [ATEX] areas and has the same features as the standard OptimAir 3000. It delivers 130 l/minute airflow and comes with a NiMH EX battery, EX battery charger, and comfort belt. Choose from our complete assortment of full face masks, hoods and visors to meet your individual specifications.


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