MSA Work Positioning Lanyard with Aluminium rope-grab adjuster, Alu twist lock carabiners, a 30cm long protective covering sleeve

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A fall restraint lanyard connection is used between the anchor point and the body harness to prevent the user from reaching the fall area and work positioning applications. MSA restraint lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope.

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Work Positioning Lanyard key features and benefits:

  • Aluminium Rope-grab adjuster For light weight and easy adjustment
  • Crossstitch and a strong transparent covering sleeve Protects the ends and makes the stitches visible for easy inspection
  • Abrasion resistant thimble at the ends of the loops Prevents the rope from being damaged by the metallic contact of the connector
  • A coloured tracerstrand Loses its colour in due course of time showing that the lanyard is now unfit for further use
  • A 30cm long protective covering sleeve Prevents the rope from being damaged
  • Lifeline Nylon Kernmantle, 12mm
  • Twist lock carabiner Aluminium Alloy, black
  • Rope-grab adjuster Aluminium Alloy
  • Length 2 m
  • Colour Natural white with 6 black & 2 green tracers
  • Weight 0,64 kg
  • Maximum lifespan 10 years from date of manufacture
  • Operating temperature -50°C… +50°C
  • Twist lock carabiner
  • Minimum breaking strength: 23 kN
  • Gate opening: 21 mm
  • Net weight: 84g


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